Being prepared for any circumstance

Wrangler makes clothing that prepares you for any type of weather. Clothes that are water repellent when it rains or clothes that keep you cool when it is hot.


The challenge

Wrangler designed a pretty neat touch application that helps shoppers choose the right clothing for any weather types. But, not having the specific know how, they just could not get it to work properly in-store. The application, originally built for web browsers was laggy, buggy and over all instable.

Our solution

We rebuilt the backbone of the application and moved it to a dedicated platform especially suitable for in-store usage. Doing so we ensure stability and a much better user experience. We also give Wrangler control to monitor and manage the app from their HQ.

Download the pdf about this project


The Wrangler touch app in a professional casing

By putting the Wrangler touch app in a dedicated environment we create more control and a better user experience