Central, local, on the move

A central video program and the ability for local input as well. Extend your showroom virtually and show your products to your customers in stock on screen.

We developed a cool feature that connects your database automatically to your digital signage platform. In one take you have your assortment up to date on screen.

A mix of central and local content in one platform.



The challenge

Toyota The Netherlands needed a video program for their customers with a mix of branding, information, deals and entertainment. Of course in Toyota branding. Moreover, each Toyota dealer wished to show on screen only the occasions in stock at that particular location. So customers see the occasion on screen and could test drive that car if they like.


Our solution

We made it possible that each Toyota dealer had the common Toyota video program and the ability to add local information. We developed a feature that connects the database to the digital signage platform. Any updates the Toyota dealer gives in, will automatically appear on screen. Easy does it.

Download the pdf about this project


Toyota Action

Toyota Entertainment

Toyota Occasions

Custom made programs like these boost sphere in the showroom, make waiting more comfortable and most of all improve the branding experience for customers.