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The seamless connection with the database shows immediately the houses for sale to your audience passing by on screen. In a dynamic presentation, in your branding, just seconds after you click the Save button.

Hoekstra & Van Eck | WINDOW SCREENS

The challenge

Co-operative estate agencies Hoekstra & Van Eck and Hendriks Makelaardij were looking for additional opportunities to show their offer of homes for sale in a dynamic way. Without any extra intervention, but the possibility to adjust information locally. They like it easy and prefer to stay in control, at all times.

Our solution

We offered digital signage as window screens to draw attention of audience passing by. Moreover, our Creative Lab composed a custom made video program, for each estate agency in their branding and in high quality of course. Then our Tech Lab developed the seamless connection with Funda. Smooth, easy, dynamic and always accurate.

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Drawing attention of the audience with an easy-to-understand window screen, while passing by is what Hoekstra aimed to do. Simply amazing