Becoming front runners in the fitness industry

Just like everything else today the future of fitness is about virtual and being connected.

With the Experience Station we created a device that functions as a personal trainer as well as a control interface. The touch interface shows you workouts and lets you challenge yourself and your friends.

All results are stored in a database and pushed to the app and various leaderboards.


The challenge

Funxtion needed a device that could support instructors when leading a group training and even replace them when they are unavailable. When there is no active training the device should double up as interactive platform for gymnasts. It should enable them to do workouts and challenges.

Our solution

We created the "Experience Station", a custom made kiosk equipped with a 55’ touchscreen, RFID reader, audio routing and a light triggering system. With all that muscle power the station basiclly controls the whole room.

We programmed the station so that it is possible to use it as a virtual training tool.  We added an extra layer of gamification when users ‘check in’ with their bracelet to claim their results.

Download the pdf about this project


Large, easy to use interactive screens in the FunXtion zone

Training videos triggering music and lights for extra motivation

An RFID wristband connects results to user profiles

A smartphone app lets users communicate and check results

The gamification model keeps doing FunXtion interesting

Large, easy to use interactive screens in the FunXtion zone

With the Experience Station, together with the integrated mobile social connectivity, we define the future of fitness.

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